You Can Now Pay To Have Someone Else Cancel Your Comcast Subscription

Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
More people are turning to streaming services over cable packages, and that change has come with some resistance from cable providers. One man, desperate to unsubscribe from Comcast, recorded his conversation with the company's customer service representative as a document of the barriers faced by users who want to leave Comcast behind. Try counting how many times the Comcast representative interrupts the poor guy's simple request to cancel his plan — you'll be shocked. Canceling your cable subscription shouldn't feel like a breakup that you've been putting off for months. Luckily, the good people (angels) of Airpaper are here to help.

While some people have reported that their cancellation process took over two weeks to complete, Airpaper cancels your subscription for you in as little as five minutes. Armed with your name, address, phone number, Comcast account number, and just $5, an Airpaper employee will make that awful call for you, and, in turn, free you from your oppressive cable package. Imagine what you could do with that time — call distant loved ones, watch Netflix, get around to those pesky household chores, take a long walk. Surely all that is worth $5, right?

The only possible downside to Airpaper is that, although the site promises to keep your info safe and private, you can never fully trust a third-party site with that much personal information. Then again, you can never fully trust that a Comcast rep won't waste precious hours of your life, either.

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