Twitter’s New CEO Is Its Old CEO: Jack Dorsey

Photo: Courtesy of Esten Hurtle/Twitter.
After more than three months, Twitter finally named a new CEO today: One of its original co-founders (and its first CEO), Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey, who won’t be taking a salary at Twitter, will also continue to act as CEO of mobile payment company Square. (We have a hard enough time with just one job, so kudos, Dorsey. You must be Superman.) He’s been acting as interim CEO since Dick Costolo officially stepped down in July.

The New York Times reports that in a call with investors, Dorsey spoke about his plans to focus on three things as head of Twitter. His goals are disciplined execution, making the service simpler, and communicating Twitter’s value to users. Dorsey also (naturally) took to Twitter to share his thoughts and plans for the company.

While the Twitter board’s decision to hire Dorsey makes perfect sense (he’s a proven leader of the company, and as interim CEO, he’s also shown he can handle juggling his Square and Twitter duties effectively), we can’t help but be a little sad that Twitter didn’t surprise us with a woman as its new tweeter-in-chief. Maybe next time, Silicon Valley.

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