Sound The Trumpets: Will Smith Is Rapping Again

Kids today probably only know Will Smith as Jaden and Willow's dad (cue the rolling of eyes). Others recognize him as the former king of summer blockbusters. But folks, way, way, back when, before The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air even, Smith was a Grammy-winning rap star. Sure, we're psyched about his upcoming role in Suicide Squad, but anyone who says they're not desperate for a reunion between Big Willy and DJ Jazzy Jeff is a liar.

It warms our hearts, therefore, to announce that Smith has returned to his former medium. As The Verge notes, Smith lays down rhymes on "Fiesta," the new track from Colombian group Bomba Estéreo. Yep, that's him waxing poetic about Sofia Vergara and Tesla. It's not as big a deal as "Welcome to Miami" or "Summertime, " but we'll take what we can get.

Can we officially request a new Will Smith album? We know a plucky teenage girl who'd probably be down for a duet, daddy-o.
Video: Courtesy VEVO.

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