Honey Boo Boo Released A Music Video For Her (Um…Questionable) Rap Song

When you think about it, Honey Boo Boo is a totally legit rapper name. Maybe that's why Mama June decided to thrust her poor child back into the spotlight encourage her precocious daughter's MC skills by helping her make a rap music video. Time to minimize your window and subtly slip in your ear buds. The child star has been keeping a low profile since TLC pulled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo off the air last year, but that's set to change with the release of "Movin' Up." The video shows the former pageant queen (real name: Alana Thompson) laying down some rhymes about her rise to fame. Alas, the standard writhing backup dancers have been replaced by Mama June, Sugar Bear, and Pumpkin. If those names mean nothing to you, please make some room in your cave for us. We're moving in. Before we show you this groundbreaking piece of entertainment, we've got a bone to pick. Can Honey Boo Boo live? We get that she's probably having fun, and we're a tiny bit jealous that we didn't get to make a kiddie rap video when we had the chance. We're not jealous, though, that she has parents who shove her in front of cameras, make questionable life decisions for her that bring scandal to the family. Can't she just go to school and have sleepovers and not have to worry about making a "comeback"? Anyway, here's your video.
OPENER IMAGE: Media Punch Inc./Rex USA.

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