11 TV Characters Who Would Be Our Dream BFFs In Real Life

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
At this point, you've likely logged enough time with certain TV characters that they would ostensibly be your best bud in real life, should they ever somehow magically leap from the small screen.

Sadly, that's probably not going to happen. At least, not without some very impressive advancements in the home-holographic-technology arena. (Can a scientist somewhere make this a priority, please?) Still, we find ourselves fantasizing about which fictional characters might best carry the mantle of BFF.

To that far-fetched end, we made a list of the characters we covet for our very own cliques, including one tall and charming officemate that might check off more than just the buddy box. If we can't have Jim, though, we'd definitely take Ilana. Or, Mindy Lahiri in a pinch. Without further ado, our 11 would-be best friends from the tube.

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