Your October Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Peace, love, and harmony will be October’s cosmic trinity. With the sun camped out in romantic Libra until the 23rd, keeping things easy, breezy, and beautiful is the name of the game. While conflicts shouldn’t be ignored, it’s smart to avoid them until the 9th, when Mercury wakes up from a signal-scrambling retrograde that began on September 17. After that — let it rip. Mercury’s U-turn also flashes a green light for signing contracts, shopping for cars, and getting tattoos and pixie cuts. Yep, the sun in fashion-hound Libra can help us develop a signature style. Mantra of the month: When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

October will be epic for our love lives. Cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus sail side-by-side through Virgo from the 8th on. Their heart-opening duet will be a sweet song for couples — and when supersizer Jupiter adds a verse on the 15th and 25th, things could go next-level FAST. But Virgo energy is picky, and we’ll be schooled in the art of being selective and sticking around for the long haul. This will be a relief, since Venus’ extended tour of dramatic Leo (which began on June 5) has made us kind of fickle. Sultry Scorpio takes the wheel on the 23rd, when the sun slinks into this seductive sign for a month. Sex, money, and rock-and-roll become the new trinity then. Time to make moves in the bedroom and the boardroom; then, blow off steam at a live show.

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