Why Did Kate Winslet Just Body-Shame Herself A Little Bit?

Photo: Brian Patterson/Rex/REX USA.
Kate Winslet may be one of the most talented and hardworking women in show business. But her comments about a woman's body after having babies are less than award-worthy.

The actress, who plays a pivotal supporting role in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the movie, along with her life and career thus far. And while she had plenty of insightful and lovely things to say, she also made a comment that could be interpreted as a little shame-y.

Winslet, who has been naked in 12 of her films, says that she's done taking her clothes off on-screen. Cool, no problem there. We're all for doing what makes you comfortable with your body, whether or not that involves going nude. But it's Kate's reasoning that gave us pause:

"I don't think I can get away with it now," she explained. "I've never had a body double — that would be like lying. So I am probably done." She continued, explaining that she gets "really big" when she is pregnant, and that "there are things that will never go back."

We understand why becoming a mom might make someone less inclined to stride across the silver screen in the buff — and, frankly, Winslet mostly seems to have a refreshing attitude about body image, both pre- and post-baby. Later on in the interview, she admits that her relationship with her physical self has shifted a lot over the years, and that these days, she views her body as an "instrument that I have to keep going because I’m a mother."

But as for being able to "get away with" nudity on-screen after having three kids: It's offhand comments like these that make women wonder whether or not their bodies are still beautiful and worth showing naked after they've carried a child inside of them. And while we would never want any woman to be naked on-screen if she didn't want to, we just hope that not stripping down is about personal preference more than a social pressure to look a certain way.

Usually, Kate Winslet does an excellent job highlighting the difference between those two things. This time, we wish she would have been a little more transparent about her meaning. Where's the woman who lambasted the media for body-shaming female celebs? We want more of that point of view, please.

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