Taylor Swift, Haim & Nelly Just Crushed "Hot In Herre"

Nobody took their clothes off. Not a single Band-Aid was visible. And yet, Taylor Swift's take on "Hot in Herre" still left us shouting "good gracious."

That's all thanks to the pop star's special guest stars for her St. Louis concert last night: local boy Nelly (Mr. "Hot in Herre" himself) and her sisters from another mister, Haim. Just go with it.

According to Swift's Instagram, she and the Haim girls made up a dance to go with the 2002 hit the previous day in her dressing room. It basically involved swinging their arms in a sassy manner, which is pretty much what we assume they did when their preteen selves were jamming out to the song back in the day. Also, when did Nelly, who also performed his new single, "The Fix," get glasses? We feel old.

Anyway, good work, team. It's about time Swift's young fans got a dose of Nelly appreciation.


HOT IN HERRE @derrtymo feat @haimtheband Yes we made up a dance yesterday in the dressing room.

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"WHAT?!" "...OH." @derrtymo @haimtheband

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Old friends. @derrtymo has come out to surprise the crowd on my last 3 tours. I absolutely adore him.

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