#FacebookDown Shows The Sad, Hilarious Things People Do When They Don't Have Facebook

Photo: Courtesy Facebook.
Facebook doesn't go down very often, but when it does, chaos ensues. How on earth are we supposed to procrastinate if we can't "like" our friends' weekend photos or get involved in never-ending political debates in their comments?

With the hashtag #FacebookDown, many Facebook users took their frustrations to Twitter.

And got in some quality family time.

But some people could definitely stand a little time away from the social network.
Brands also got in on the downtime.
Facebook seems to be back up for most folks. If it's still down for you, though, you can always hop on Twitter to vent your spleen, or check on Instagram to fulfill your photo-liking obsession. Or you can take a walk outside — we hear it's nice outdoors this time of year.

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