10 *NSYNC Moments That Are Way Less Sexy Than You Remember

*NSYNC was formed 20 years ago today. And although some of your fondest preteen memories might include planning for the day you'd become Mrs. Timberlake (or, much more controversially, Mrs. Fatone), the group's music videos might not be quite as sexy as you recall. Like, remember that guy from your junior high dance who thought he was a great kisser and wouldn't realize his ineptitude until years later? It's kind of like that, only with a really catchy beat.

Scroll on for a few of these amazingly awkward moments:
JT's expression of lovelorn pain actually looks like a kid staring out of the school bus window after he's realized his mom didn't pack him a Fruit Roll-Up.

"It's like a sexy conga line," I imagine the choreographer saying, trying not to laugh.

The boys were really into feeling themselves and their silky pullovers.

Somehow, your fantasy BF wearing the same chunky turtleneck you rocked for picture day isn't as endearing as you remember.

close to sexy. The boy band had nearly become a man band. JT's ramen hair was gone and then there was the over-confident, borderline-aggressive head bob.

Dear God, what are they doing to that poor floor?

Obviously, Eminem had to ask for the real Slim Shady to stand up because Justin was impersonating him.

Am I the only one who blocked this one out? Who thought it was a good idea to put them in silk robes and tell them, "Have you ever seen a cartoon depiction of a crazy person? Do that!"

Most awkward sleepover ever.

And that laugh, it will haunt your dreams.

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