5 Brand-New Starbucks Secret-Menu Hacks

Photos: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Starbucks' new Toasted Graham Latte came out only yesterday, but as soon as I hear that there's a new syrup behind the counter, I get unreasonably excited to start experimenting with secret-menu-item hacks. After waiting approximately one day, I marched on over to Starbucks this morning and requested five new creations, all incredibly complicated and all involving toasted graham syrup — the baristas were nice enough to indulge me and my customized orders. I then subjected my coworkers to a series of mad-scientist lattes. The result? We concluded that the latest syrup blends well with a number of our favorite drinks. See our secret-menu ideas below. 1. We're Bringing S'mores Back
The S'mores Frappuccino is sadly no more (maybe it'll make a triumphant return next summer?), but now that toasted graham syrup is here, the first thing we thought of was: We can bring back s'mores! We tried it as a latte since it's officially fall, but you could re-create the blended version, too. With a tall latte, ask for two pumps of TGL syrup, one pump mocha syrup, and one pump vanilla syrup, whipped cream, and toasted graham topping. We also think it would work well with a pump of hazelnut syrup instead of vanilla. 2. Meet The PGL Or The PPL (Pumpkin Pie Latte)
Yes, we went there. We combined the PSL and the TGL to create the PGL (I ordered a tall, with two pumps of each syrup, plus whipped cream and a mix of the two lattes' typical toppers), and the PGL is the best of both worlds. "It tastes exactly like a pumpkin pie!" exclaimed one taster, which is exactly what we were going for. 3. Put Salted Caramel On Everything
The Salted Caramel Toasted Graham Latte is way too long for an acronym. For a tall latte, ask for one pump caramel syrup and two pumps toasted graham syrup. Then, to take things to the next level, get the toppers from the Salted Caramel Mocha: caramel drizzle and a mix of turbinado sugar and sea salt. A word of caution: Don't order this one unless you like your coffee drinks super-sweet! 4. Order A Sippable Churro
We know there are a lot of churro secret-menu recipes out there already, but something about the toasted graham syrup makes this version taste exactly like you're at eating a piping hot, cinnamon-and-sugar-laden pastry. For a tall latte, ask for two pumps cinnamon dolce syrup, plus two pumps toasted graham syrup, plus both lattes' usual toppings. 5. Fancy-Ass Dessert Frappuccino
This is a Raspberry White Chocolate Tart With Graham Cracker Crust Frappuccino — say that five times fast! It's basically a fancy-sounding dessert turned into a milkshake, which is fine by us, as long as we're not ordering it first thing in the morning. Ask for a grande crème-base Frapp with one pump raspberry syrup, two pumps white chocolate syrup, and two pumps toasted graham syrup, with whip, plus the toasted graham topping. Bonus Hack: Get any and all Starbucks drinks with the toasted graham latte topping while it's still in stock. A Starbucks rep suggested this to us when we first tried the drink, and she was absolutely right — it works on everything!

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