New York Heiress Includes Nail Technician In $3-Million Will

Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
You can't really put a price on beauty — unless you're Karen Parker Gray, the daughter of a former General Electric VP. The New York City heiress, who died of a heart attack in August, left her fortune to the people she loved most, including the ones who made her feel beautiful. Parker, who some are calling a fairy godmother, gave $50,000 to Jenny Kim, her favorite nail technician at Echo Spa and Nail, for her "love and devotion." (And likely pretty stellar cuticle work.) “I feel good that she remembered me like that — not about the money,” Kim told the Daily News, through a Korean translator. “She was a nice lady, very kind.” Another $50,000 went to Elie Camoro, her longtime hairstylist at Frédéric Fekkai. “Forever grateful for his friendship, and perfect hair. $50,000 toward a fabulous car!” she wrote in the will. She also threw in another $50,000 for her favorite coat-check woman at the salon — an often thankless job that just got a major thanking. The rest of the gifts (the total was $3 million) went to her family, friends, doorman, and housekeeper. Say what you will about Upper East Side beauty stereotypes, but this woman clearly valued and respected the people closest to her — and we love that she honored them both in her life and her final days. Her generosity is especially poignant given the recent reports on labor conditions for nail salon workers — and a nice reminder of the importance of kindness.