You Can Now Check Your Uber Rider Score…If You Dare

Photo: Courtesy of Uber.
It only seems right to start this conversation today, on Yom Kippur and the Fall Equinox — both of which are times of reflection and atonement. As you look back on the past months, consider this: Even if you've called home regularly, tipped your servers at least 20%, and always held the elevator, how have you treated your Uber drivers? Because, just as you rate them after a ride, they do the same to you. Now, you can find that info within Uber's app. How's that for atonement? A brief hack last year made this possible for a moment. And, you could always find your score via an individual email to Uber support. But, this is the first time American users can access their ratings so freely and easily. Once you open the app, tap "Help" in the top left and follow that through to "Account." From there, you can select and submit the request, "I’d like to know my rating," and Uber will email you your average score. Obviously, you're hoping for a perfect five, but, during this time of reflection, remember that no one is perfect. Earlier this year, Uber posted a helpful (if not obvious) guide to being a good rider. Among its tips for "riding like a pro" were keeping booze, cigarettes, and snacks out of the car and not doubling up on seat belts in the backseat. In other words, treating your Uber ride like soccer carpool with your friend's mom will most likely get you a solid rating. Now that this info is more accessible, let's hope that we can find it in our hearts to forgive our driver when he or she takes the wrong the bridge — so that our driver may, in turn, forgive our date's god-awful cologne. Full disclosure: This writer has already been accused of "dragging down" a friend's average rating, to which I'd like to say both "I'm sorry" and "What did I do?!"

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