14 Fictional Female Bosses We’d Actually Love To Work For

In The Intern, Anne Hathaway stars as the head of a fashion website, nine years after she played a fledgling assistant at a fashion magazine in The Devil Wears Prada. In the boss' stylish shoes, her Jules Ostin isn't the kind of ruthless woman who'd be compared to the Lord of Darkness.
We can only hope she is part of a continuing trend of fictional female leaders gracing our screens and books — characters who aren't ice-cold tyrants, weeping messes, or some other equally annoying cliché, but rather real women who have risen to the top of their careers and can actually manage others beneath them. Jules has plenty of predecessors, many of whom we have daydreamed of working for, even if it would mean going on frequent coffee runs or covering up an accidental murder or two. When we see these ladies, we feel more confident about one day kicking ass on our own professional turf. We like to be called the boss, not bossy.
Here, we honor the Liz Lemons and Mindy Lahiris as well as the Miranda Priestlys and Daenerys Targaryens. Hey, serving a fearless and fearsome lady may be hard, but it has its perks. Where do we submit our résumés?

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