Your Horoscope For This Week — Sep 27 2015

Someone call a peace summit! This week could be fraught with more than the usual amount of conflict. On Monday, the emotional moon and incendiary Uranus join forces in Aries, bringing out everyone’s combative nature. Then, let’s add Mercury retrograde to the recipe. From September 17 to October 9, the planet of communication is backstroking through diplomatic Libra’s domain, making us all a lot less keen on cooperating. This Wednesday, retro Mercury and the ego-driven sun meet up, driving a further wedge between parties. Something’s gotta give, stargazers. Alas, finding that happy medium probably won’t happen this week. When conflict flares up, the best thing we can hope for is that everyone goes to their corners to cool down.
Need a distraction from the drama? The sun-Mercury retrograde meetup takes place in relationship-oriented Libra. It might be easier to work things out between the sheets this week. Of course, better judgment could be lacking under these blurry skies. Dialing up a questionable ex, logging in to Ashley Madison (glug), or getting swept into a throuple when you’re more of a serial monogamist — we’re not judging, but there will be better weeks than this for, um, experimentation. Fortunately, Sunday’s quarter moon in heart-healing Cancer can bring the missing ingredient of compassion to the mix. Feel those feels, stargazers, and let them have a vote too.

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