Here’s That Awesome Number Andy Samberg Opened The Emmys With

When Andy Samberg was on SNL, he and the Lonely Island ushered in a new era of digital shorts that became their calling card. From "Dick in a Box" (which won an Emmy in 2007) to "I'm On a Boat," the trio could make a Sunday trip to see the Chronicles of Narnia sound like gritty gangster rap. They put those skills to good use tonight when Samberg opened the Emmy awards. In all his years of hosting the Oscars, Billy Crystal proved one major thing: If you want to grab the audience's attention from the get-go, you open with a catchy song that includes memorable moments from that year's biggest pop culture events. That's exactly what Samberg did with tonight's opener. He joked about having not seen any of the most popular shows, making him the loser at a dinner party. He went into a TV bunker and emerged, stinking of feces, but knowing exactly what happened on Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Scandal. Hell, he even knew what happened on every single TV show about wives — and there are a LOT of TV shows with the word wives in the title. Seriously, how come no one has commented on that before? There were also a ton of celebrity cameos (hi, Jon Hamm and Kerry Washington!), which took this opener from good to epic. Watch the whole thing, below.

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