16 Of The Most Tearjerking Awards Show Speeches

Why do we love watching awards shows? To see dazzling fashion? To watch famous people interact with each other and their armies of publicists? To root for our favorites? These are all good reasons. Although, often we get something we didn't necessarily tune in for: a truly great speech that moves us to tears.
These shows are supposed to be places where industries congratulate the best in the business. Acceptance speeches are the one time a star is expected to selfishly bask in glory, and then give a few “thank yous” to the little people who helped them get to that stage. But not all winners feel that way. There are million reasons why a start might get all choked up on stage. And there's even the rarer, great occasion when getting a little trophy for making something that entertains people for a couple of hours reminds stars that there are much bigger things going on in the world. While some of those speeches can come off as preachy, when they're done right, they reach out and grab us when we least expected it.
Well, now we've learned our lesson. We'll be tuning into the Emmys with a tissue box close by. You might want to grab one a little early and warm up with a good ugly cry while watching these.

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