Why This Woman's Hospital Refused Her A Life-Saving Procedure

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You might have caught wind of this R29 story penned by Rachel Miller, a mother of two, earlier this month. Miller wrote that she was denied a tube-tying procedure because her hospital was Catholic. After she partnered with the ACLU and threatened to sue, the hospital agreed to make an exception for Miller and provide her with the tubal ligation procedure. If Miller's story elicited any kind of response in you, just wait until you hear about Jessica Mann's similar — but even more heated — situation.

The Washington Post
reports that, like Miller, Mann requested a tube-tying procedure at her Catholic hospital and was denied. But here's where their stories differ: Because of a dangerous tumor in her brain, the procedure was specifically recommended by her doctor. "Genesys Regional Medical Center, which is Catholic, denied the request on religious grounds," The Post writes. "Catholic mandates forbid procedures that cause sterilization, including vasectomies, and officials said she did not qualify for an exception."

Catholic hospitals take mandates from The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, but "critics say the rules are applied to a growing number of patients because of the proliferation of Catholic-affiliated institutions," making it a more widespread issue than ever before.

Mann and her husband are currently working with the ACLU to take legal action, says The Post, and the couple is also in the process of finding a new hospital and doctor. But the bigger issue at hand stands to be hotly debated for some time to come.

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