Justin Timberlake Makes Adorable Tonight Show Appearance — Without Even Speaking

Photo: Courtesy of NBC Universal.
What would it be like to read Justin Timberlake’s mind? Jimmy Fallon gave us an answer, of sorts, on Monday night’s Tonight Show, where the BFFs reunited for the second time in two weeks. Fallon announced the new video series, which is called “Looks,” on Twitter ahead of the show, but no one knew it would involve the seemingly always available Timberlake. Fallon asked the audience if they knew what it was like to communicate with a close friend without speaking at all. And, when that close friend is JT, the experience is downright spiritual. Jimmy Fallon gives Justin a bashful glance, and then they exchange what can only be described as a knowing look, complete with an assured smile. Timberlake seems to pause to consider Fallon’s face, momentarily befuddled, but ultimately satisfied with their mute emotional exchange. Then it’s revealed that they’re actually standing inches away from each other in Fallon’s office. Then, Will Ferrell is revealed to be watching them from outside the door. All of this, of course, is set to the schlocky “Eyes” by Rogue Wave. See for yourself here:
As for the rest of the show, Benicio del Toro gave a traditional sit-down interview before the games got started. He did an imitation of his St. Bernard and talked about two tortoises that he bought in Las Vegas. It was such an old-school interview, throwing back to a time before viral videos existed, back when the only real activity that occurred on a late-night talk show was a conversation between the host and the actor. Imagine that! Except, our attention spans have come a (short) way since then, and the segment lagged a bit. Del Toro did reconfirm that he’ll be “part of” Star Wars VIII, which isn’t scheduled to come out until 2017. Naturally, he couldn’t say anything beyond that, but previous reports (and del Toro's demeanor in general) have suggested that he'll play a Big Bad. Proud Star Wars nerds surely have a lot of Google searches involving Del Toro’s character in their future. Jessica Alba, curiously designated as Guest B despite having arguably more name recognition (and a higher ranking on the Forbes list) than del Toro, appeared in a game show-style segment called “Long Story Short.” Long story short? They guess movie titles based on their partners’ clues. Alba is not great at it. But! She did redeem herself by getting into a spitting contest of sorts with Fallon during her own interview. If we were more technologically savvy, we would definitely spend our weekend splicing that Justin "Looks" video down to just the Timberlake parts (sorry, Jimmy!), and exchanging our own looks with the handsome dad. How does one do that, anyway? Asking for a friend.

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