You Will Not Believe What Gwen Stefani Almost Named Her Son

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale bequeathed their kids some pretty memorable names. Kingston came first, followed by Zuma Nesta Rock. Then — clearly emboldened — the proud parents, who recently announced that they are splitting up, decided to call their littlest guy Apollo Bowie Flynn. But if you think these monikers are a tad out there, it's worth noting that Gavin Rossdale apparently had a line he wouldn't cross when it came to what to call his progeny. Recently, Stefani
said on The Voice that she wanted to name their third kiddo Jupiter. Apparently, his dad wasn't buying it, so they went with Apollo instead. Stefani and Rossdale did stick around that thematic area, though. Apollo is the god of sun, light, music, and prophecy in Greek mythology, while Jupiter is the god of the sky and thunder in Ancient Roman myths. Either way, their son would have ended up with a regally awesome name — which makes sense. He is the offspring of rock royalty, after all. Watch Stefani get personal in the clip below.

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