Pink Dolphin Seen In Louisiana; Childhood Dreams DO Come True

Just in case you thought nature couldn't get any cuter, a pink dolphin comes swimming along in the Louisiana waters.

First spotted in 2007, ABC News reports that a captain of a boat for Calcasieu Charter Service saw the dolphin, nicknamed Pinky, some two weeks ago. Pinky has since become a celebrity, popping up every now and then to let the world wonder at its color.

"It's very stunning to look at," captain Erik Rue told ABC News. "Everyone whips out their cell phones to try and capture a picture or video of it, and of course, we accommodate." Better yet, Rue claims he saw the dolphin mating, which has the world wondering whether baby pink dolphins are in the future (slim chance, it seems).

So what makes this dolphin pink? According to scientist Greg Barsh, the pink hue is due to albinism — which also explains why the rare dolphin has visible blood vessels and red-tinted eyes, National Geographic reports. Of course, there are conflicting opinions. Some say albino dolphins would be more white than pink. Nevertheless, only 14 albino dolphins have been spotted around the world, the Washington Examiner reports.

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