This Tiny Bunny Stretching Its Teeny Paws To Reach Its Bottle Will Make Your Day

By Caitlin Jill Anders

Babies and animals are probably the best things in life. Baby animals? The best of both worlds. As for this baby bunny, she is very, very hungry, but she's much too tiny for a regular bottle. According to the YouTube user who posted the video back in 2012, this poor little bunny lost her mom, so she needs a little help. What do tiny bunnies get for food? Teeny-tiny bottles. That's right. This bunny is so happy to be drinking from her tiny bottle that she gets a little overexcited and kneads her tiny paws, just like she would if her mom were still here.

Check out the absolutely adorable full video here!

This bunny is so tiny, and so hungry, and so perfect. There's nothing more adorable than a tiny bunny.

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Like these tiny bunnies in cups:
Photo: Courtesy of The Dodo.
And this tiny bunny who's just hanging out, being tiny.
Photo: Courtesy of The Dodo.
So many tiny bunnies, so much happiness.

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