Muslim Women Share What It’s REALLY Like To Wear A Hijab

What do Muslim women really think about wearing a hijab? The anonymous app Whisper has become a platform for many women to share their experiences, their thoughts on the religious and political ramifications of a hijab, and the desires they dare not tell their family or community. It's quite enlightening, with submissions ranging from women embracing the garment to those who would like to take theirs off.
In case you need a quick primer, the hijab manifests as a headscarf worn by women, but the BBC explains that the word covers "the principle of modesty and includes behaviour as well as dress for both males and females." It can extend beyond the scarf to covering the entire body, except the hands, feet, and face. Muslim women are expected to wear a hijab in front of any man they could potentially marry as a way to preserve their modesty.
Some women are most interested in explaining that the hijab doesn't limit their feminity.
My hijab is my crown. Plus it's fun that I can make my 'hair' to change colors everyday.
Just cuz I wear a hijab and I'm a Muslim doesn't mean I'm not like any other girl. I have makeup, jewelry, a pink room, a crush, and I love girly stuff. Also it doesn't make me less of an educated women who chose to dress this way HER SELF
I wish guys here were into hijabis, just because I wear a hijab doesn't mean I'm boring or extremely religious
And others want to get away from their hijabs.
i want to take off my hijab and I'm scared of losing my parents and the people i love.. but then it feels like I'm slowly losing myself trapped into it.
I'm a 17yo Muslim girl and last week I was invited to party. My family doesn't know I went. I took off hijab, had a few drinks and lost my virginity. I'm thinking about leaving Islam it was never my choice anyway.
I hate when people try to tell me that wearing the hijab is a choice. For me it was not. I hope all other hijabis find courage to get out from blind obedience and stop hating and shaming their hair.
Others are just tired of all the misconceptions and harassment that can come with wearing one.
I wear hijab, and I get asked if i'm bald very often, no honey i'm not bald, I have long hair that goes past my waist
Why is it not possible for a girl in a hijab to have a relationship. Sex isn't everything
Wow, first day of school and already got called a terrorist because I'm wearing my hijab. Senior year is not going well for me

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