30 Under-The-Radar Stars You Should Be Crushing On

Having a crush on a celebrity is pretty standard. The question is, which celebrity? Of course there are the obvious choices like George, Channing, Mila, Brad, Angelina, and Taye. But that's the problem: They're obvious. They don't feel all that special. You have to share.
That's not really the case with the new batch of rising stars and lesser-known performers who have caught our eye in recent years. To some, a particular actor might be just some dude from that show. To us, he's a total babe magnet/future husband/reason to own a TV. The more unsung or random the crush is, the more unique and intimate it feels. Like, maybe you actually have a shot? Or, at the very least, would be the best candidate to form the first fan club?
It's a nice feeling. So nice, in fact, that we're wondering why we're letting you in on some of the obscure crushes we've got at the moment. Drool all you want, but remember: We call dibs.

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