Well, Chelsea Handler Got Naked Again On Instagram

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Chelsea Handler is inarguably one of the smartest and funniest comedians around — and most of the time, we totally get the punchline she's going for. But when it comes to the funny woman sharing nude or nearly nude photos on social media, there doesn't seem much rhyme or reason. It's possible she just wants to show the world her boobs and buns every once in a while (maybe so we don't forget that they exist?). In which case: Shine on, you crazy diamond. Also, please tell the world what you're doing with that ab routine, because it is clearly working out well. Recently, Handler posted a bathroom selfie in which her blonde coif is in an especially messy way. She's wearing a bra in the photo, but is holding what appears to be an apple over her lady bits, perhaps in a surrealist nod to Magritte's The Son of Man. Or, maybe not. Honestly, when we first read the caption — "Look at my hair. Something must have happened while I slumbered" — we immediately thought she might be referring to her pube-free bikini zone. It actually took a minute to even notice the bedhead.

Look at my hair. Something must have happened while I slumbered.

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Preliminary research (i.e., Instagram stalking) does not indicate any connective thread running through Handler's semi-nude sharing behavior. For example, in this photo: no boobs, no buns, no clear agenda. Just hanging out in a thong.

I'm a Kardashian'

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In this one, she appears in her best "break the internet" pose.

Can you believe more than 2 ass can fit on the same screen? Guess which one's real. Your move, instagram.

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For a minute, it seemed like maybe her nude-ish pics were about calling out Instagram on certain propriety policies.
But then, maybe it was all just leading up to the really happy camel incident.
Followed by ballet buns...

Kicking off Chunk's work week.

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...and half-naked water skiing. (Bold move, Handler.)

You can watch my 4th of July booby bonanza on Twitter.

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In any case, we'll be keeping an eye out in this ongoing investigation as to whether there is some sort of secret message encoded in Handler's private-part peeks.

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