The Most Popular ’90s Songs On Spotify Will Shock You

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in the musical maelstrom that was the '90s, then you already know that the key to that era's music was diversity. From grunge and nu metal to the rise of neo soul, the world was bequeathed with many a radio gem — and the Billboard hits from that decade definitely reflect a range of genres.
But as for which songs and artists actually endured, that's a different story. Which makes a bizarre kind of sense, if you think about it. Just because we were obsessed with Weezer's The Blue Album doesn't mean we want to listen to Undone (a.k.a. The Sweater Song) on our post-work commute. And, we had a serious love affair with Hole's Live Through This — but we don't actually want to add Courtney Love's (brilliant) screams on "Doll Parts" to our cheery workout playlist.
According to data derived Spotify listening trends, there's very little overlap between the songs that were popular during the actual '90s heyday and the ones we still listen to over (and over, and over) today. Even if you're a '90s hit master, we bet you can't guess which tracks actually made the list ...

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