Watch This Girl Receive Her Own 3-D Printed Arm & Feel Better About Everything

Photo: Courtesy of Team UnLimbited.
If you find your Tuesday has been sorely lacking in the "heartwarming moments" department thus far, look no further. A young girl named Isabella has received a new 3-D printed arm, and seeing her put it on for the first time will make your heart shine brighter than Edward Cullen. 3-D printed prosthetics in and of themselves are not new — just ask the now mobile dog Derby — but they're steadily improving in terms of looks, materials, and function. Isabella's arm and hand, designed and built by Stephen Davies for Team UnLimbited, reflects one step closer to reaching the end goal of a prosthetic that matches the nuanced movements of an organic hand. Team UnLimbited is one of many projects under the volunteer-based, 3-D printed prosthetic collective, e-Nable. Although they aim to stay on the cutting edge of this burgeoning technology, their main concerns actually revolve around the accessibility and affordability of their devices. On average, prosthetics cost over $10,000. However, after purchasing the necessary materials for $20-$50, an e-Nable limb ranges from $50 to $150 in price. It's estimated that e-Nable has provided 1,500 people around the world with prosthetic devices. Check out the video below to see the exact moment that a joyous Isabella unpacks and tests out her new arm.

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