15 Heartbreaking Moments In Hilarious Movies

It’s happened to all of us: one minute, you’re watching a movie and laughing at what’s supposed to be a reprieve from the emotional turbulence that is real life — the next, you’re crying in a theater, blindsided by feelings.
It’s terrible, great, and also sometimes embarrassing. (We're looking at you, and anyone else who’s stifled tears next to a stranger.) Even worse, it’s not something you can keep to yourself. As a person who cried recently while watching Frost/Nixon on TV, the only defense against those few minutes of vulnerability is to laugh at them by telling everybody you know. That way, you get to laugh at yourself before anybody can laugh at you.
Or at least that’s the takeaway after realizing more than a few of us actually cried during Ted.
Here’s our list of all the other sneakily sad movies that destroyed our hearts, minds, and psyches.

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