John Stamos Strips Down For His 52nd Birthday

Photo: David Buchan/Variety/REX USA.
Yesterday, we discussed the age at which it was appropriate to be sexually attracted to Uncle Jesse. (Spoiler: If you were a child of the '80s, it wasn't really appropriate). Today, we're looking at John Stamos clambering into a pair of pants to celebrate his birthday. How the world turns, right guys?

The actor posted the black and white image of himself on Instagram to commemorate the big five-two, along with the caption: "Proof I put on my undies like everyone leg at a time." He also added the cheeky tag #mydepends.

We're not going to do that thing where we say that John Stamos looks good for his age because first off, 52 is the new 32, and secondly, true beauty knows no number. We will put this out there, though: Happy Birthday, dude. May your pant-less social media pics always meet the bar you have set for yourself with this photo. We believe in you.

At 52, proof I put on my undies like everyone else... one leg at a time. #mydepends

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