See Blake Lively Like You've Never Seen Her Before (Exclusive)

In a new behind-the-scenes clip from The Age of Adeline, exclusive to Refinery29, Blake Lively gives us a glimpse into what went into creating her look as a bride from the 1930s. The ethereal look required more than simply hair and makeup to make it authentic.
In it (watch below) we see a snippet of Lively as a bride from early in the 1900s, while she explains, "There were only four foundations, in the '30s. Only four colors and only a couple of lipstick colors. Our hair and makeup artists found these original ones and tried to match it."
Her hair is then pulled back in a finger-wave style, which pairs well with a high-neck, off-white wedding gown. "There's a reason, when you look at pictures of women from the '20s, their faces look almost flat or deadened by makeup," Lively continues. "Where now it's alive and dewy and metallic. But it's because of what they were putting on their face, the lead or the different things that effected the way they looked."
If you're worried about her wearing lead makeup, don't be. "I didn't put lead on my face, don't worry. I'm not that dedicated," Lively says with a laugh.
While Lively makes it clear that this era was a more difficult, and less flattering to recreate, her favorite period was midcentury. "The jump from the '50s to the '60s was really neat...You really felt that in the hair," Lively says, commenting on the freedom for women that came between the two decades. "Things got more loose and they got more free. That was probably the most rewarding — those two decades to shoot — because you really saw how different they were."

The Age of Adeline is out digitally next Tuesday, August 25 and on Blu-Ray and DVD on Tuesday, September 8.

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