This Embarrassing Photo From Giuliana Rancic's "Modeling" Days Will Make You Smile

Photo: Justin Lloyd/Newspix/Rex/REX USA
Everyone went through an awkward period as a teen. It's just part of growing up. But not every celebrity opens up their memory book to share pictures of their embarrassing teen years with us. In honor of her 41st birthday yesterday, Giuliana Rancic did exactly that – and the adorableness will put a smile on your face.

Via her Instagram, Giuliana shared a photo of herself at 13 and captioned it, "A public service to young women everywhere." The message: if she can grow out of being a self-described "lanky, awkward, athletically challenged girl with the bad perm, bad skin, bad fashion sense and brace face" and find the confidence to follow her dreams, you can too!

Giuliana also puts "modeling" in quotes because this is not exactly a sexy, Kendall Jenner in her Calvin Kleins sort of modeling job. Someone unkindly put her in a vertically striped outfit that looks several sizes too big. On top of that, they asked her to get physical with a tennis ball. It almost worked out.
It's a sweet sentiment and that photo of the awkward 13-year-old Giuliana is about as endearing as they come.

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