Why Do Fans Embrace Bella Thorne’s Underage Relationship But Hate On Kylie’s?

Photo: Jim Smeal/BeImages.
This morning, the Daily Mail ran an article with the headline, "Sealed with a kiss! Bella Thorne, 17, gets a celebratory smooch from Gregg Sulkin, 23, as she scoops Teen Choice Award." The accompanying image shows the teen Disney star being embraced by her "hunky" British boyfriend, while the post claims that the happy couple "couldn't have looked happier." The Daily Mail seems to have changed its tune in covering underage celebrities with older partners. In the months leading up to Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday last week, the paper made constant references to her "older boyfriend" [Tyga], "controversial relationship," and "underage" status. So, is it okay for someone older to date 17-year-old or not? Or, is it only an issue when the older man in question is a rapper with a young child as opposed to a seemingly suave British actor? Ironically, the Daily Mail itself raised this question in a glowing article about Thorne and Sulkin's public displays of affection last month. One caption reads: "The Young Girl's Age: Despite the six-year age gap, Bella's relationship hasn't seemed to raise as many eyebrows as certain other celebs her age with older boyfriends." Um, yeah, why is that? One could argue that the controversy surrounding Tyga's past engagement to Blac Chyna, and his are-they-or-aren't-they outings with Jenner, contributed to the drama. But, is it any better to be openly gushing in interviews about your relationship that's is just as illegal? Why do Sulkin and Thorne's couple photos on Instagram get branded as "cute" and "adorable" while Tyga gets called a "pervert"? If you're going to judge one relationship based on its age disparity, it follows that others ought to be judged the same way. Whether people like it or not, Tyga and Jenner are now free to date each other legally; Thorne and Sulkin still aren't.

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