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SXSW is more than just live music and the best breakfast burrito you’ve ever had. Every year, tech geniuses, musicians, brands, foodies, media mavens, and more make the trip to Austin, TX. The Interactive portion of the conference is a place for leaders and experts across different industries to talk about the hot topics of the moment. That’s where the SXSW Panel Picker (and you!) comes into play. We need your help voting for panels featuring Refinery29 to be at SXSW 2016. Anyone can submit a session and the conference agenda is selected by public vote. You have until September 4 to cast your vote — but why wait? Take 5 minutes and vote now. Here’s how to vote: 1) Click here: 2) Set up an account (we promise, they won’t spam you). 3) Search "Refinery29." 4) Give us a thumbs up to vote for each panel! A full breakdown of our 2016 submissions: Beyond Words: Images As Language
Whether we create or source the images, we live in an age where people are in control of curating the story of their lives through imagery. Brand Power: More Than Just A Pretty Picture
When the word "brand" comes to mind, most people think of a logo or an ad. It’s so much more than that: It’s a spirit, ethos, and way of being — and guides everything we do. Hungry Eyes: The Changing Face Of Stock Images
The landscape for stock photography is rapidly changing as brands need more and more content. We speak with experts about how the need for beautiful, on-brand, bespoke imagery is changing the way stock archives do business. Why All Videos Should Emulate Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
Pee-Wee’s Playhouse said, “Fuck it. We want to do it all.” By encouraging good-doing, cracking whip-smart jokes, and having fun in the candy-colored chaos, the series captured a wide audience throughout its run. Based on Pee-Wee's success, we discuss how content, when done well, can transcend age and time. Laugh & Look Good While Standing For Something
The Internet isn't just cat GIFs. The speakers on this stage discuss how digital content can be more than laughed at and forgotten; it can serve a better purpose and speak about important issues. Beyond The Listicle: The Science Of Virality
What does virality really mean — and how can media companies and brands leverage sharable content to build an audience? Brave New URL: Winning On Mobile-Social Platforms
Audiences are bypassing the desktop and consuming content faster than ever before, but in order to succeed and grow, media companies must adapt to keep up. Storytelling Sells
Is the "buy now" message the most effective marketing campaign in the digital world? Join Facebook and a panel of advertisers as they discuss the value of storytelling in marketing and the role of creative in delivering business results. Here's How You Sell Bras & Change The World
This conversation looks at brands using female empowerment as a key element of their communications, nonprofits looking for ways to bring their message to wider audiences, and digital marketing executives helping them tell their stories. Clicky Vs. Tricky: The Ethics Of AB Testing
AB testing tools have unlocked the potential for unprecedented growth and taken the guesswork out of crafting good headlines, but using data to inform story positioning also opens up questions about the line between clicky and tricky. Shhh… The Power Of Micro Communities
Today’s most powerful publishers are quietly achieving scale by serving their most powerful users: micro communities. Making The News Personal
How does R29 make millions of young people care about the 2016 election? You take the news and personalize it. In this panel, a group of writers and editors covering politics for young people online discuss how they tell stories. Humans, Not Machines: Content Is About Connecting
With an abundance of platforms for content and more data at our disposal than ever before, how do publishers create compelling content that resonates with an audience and still fulfills company goals? You need the perfect balance of art and science. This panel explores where emotion meets data. How The Internet Changes What & How We Eat
This panel will look at all the unexpected ways that the Internet is helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and food activists remake the food system to accommodate both a rapidly changing world and a new kind of customer. Publishers & The Power Of The People
YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter enable individuals to reach millions. These Internet celebrities are everyday people who have leveraged social media to build huge followings and use their influence to form partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands. Don't Call Me Mom
The modern millennial mom, like all millennial women, is multifaceted. She is passionate and driven. Technology empowers these moms like no generation before, allowing them to continue pursuing interests and passions independent of motherhood, so don't just call her mom. Achieving Scale & Deepening Engagement
As media companies across the board strive to scale across multiple platforms, how do they balance retaining a strong point of view with growing their audience? Let’s Drop The Term Millennials
Philippe von Borries, co-founder and CEO of Refinery29, believes millennial culture reflects a global way of thinking around identity and self-expression. He will discuss how this mindset affects the future of business and societal implications. Does International Exist Or Are We One Community?
Access to information and the tools to connect with people around the world have empowered audiences globally, affecting how media companies think about launching international branches and are moving towards building content targeted to an audience with a global mindset. The Future of Digital Media Is NOT E-Commerce
Refinery29 will unveil its research study on how brands can influence buying power on e-commerce platforms. Driving consumers direct to purchase isn’t always the way to win. Women Rule The Digital World
Over the last five years, more and more women have risen to the top ranks of digital leadership. The panel features women at the top of their game, providing an inside look at how they broke into the biz, the challenges they faced, and their insights on the future of digital business.

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