Kris Jenner Says Kylie Is Grounded After Doing This For Her 18th Birthday

We inherit all sorts of things from our mothers. On the genetic front, this can include traits like hair and eye color. On the personal possession front, it often means beloved heirlooms or items of clothing. When you're Kylie Jenner, these items of clothing include rather high-cut bathing suits from the '80s. At this point they're vintage, because everything eventually comes back in style, right? The only problem is, Kylie may not have inherited this neon pink Body Glove bathing suit from her mother Kris, so much as swiped it from her drawer. That is, if the caption on this Instagram photo is to be believed.
Idle threats, it appears. Kylie is living it up in Mexico and giving that bathing suit a second life. Her mother can't do anything about it now that she's 18. In all likelihood, Kris probably gave Kylie the suit after she found the photo of herself wearing it in the '80s, and was just biding her time until she could post the side-by-side "Who wore it better?" shot. Don't think we're not hip to your game, Kris Jenner. Of course, there will probably be a rush on this style of maillot in the near future. Body Glove, gird your loins and secure your backup servers.

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