Selena Gomez Wows With Her Rapping Skills

What has YouTubers commenting, "better than Iggy"? Why, it's only Ms. Selena Gomez breaking out her inner Snoop.

The pop star obliged 102.7 KIIS FM by rapping A$AP Rocky's verse from their "Good for You" collaboration. Lo and behold, the gal's got some skills. Think she and fellow amateur rapper Justin Bieber spent their entire relationship laying down rhymes?

We're giving Gomez +100 Yeezy points for dropping a four-letter word. Alas, it'll be –500 for asking that it be bleeped out. Once a Disney star, always a Disney star, we guess.

On the other hand, if Drake can emerge from child fame on TV to rap star glory, why not SelGo? Starring on Barney as a kid isn't really on par with growing up in Compton or on 8 Mile Road, but it's a start.
Video: Courtesy KIIS-FM.

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