Salma Hayek Takes On Trump’s Immigration Remarks

Photo: Everett Collection/REX USA
Salma Hayek has already spoken out against Donald Trump's now infamous negative remarks about Mexican immigrants. On August 5, Hayek criticized Trump again on Good Morning America, expressing worry over the public's consumption of — and possible agreement with — the presidential hopeful's views. Hayek pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump's statements, citing a report from The Washington Post that his company may be employing illegal immigrants at one of his luxury hotel construction sites in Washington, D.C. The actress went on to explain that while politicians touch on the issue of immigration to rile up voters (and thus get them to the polls), immigrants are a key part of the American economy. "The Republicans and the Democrats have been using these people and this problem as a political tool for votes," Hayek explained. When the host joked that she could debate Trump, Hayek seemed totally game. Now that's showdown we'd like to see. Hayek's new film, The Prophet, is out today. The animated film is based on a book of essays by Kahlil Gibran.

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