Natalie Portman Praises Jennifer Lawrence For Ruling Hollywood

Photo: REX USA.
Let's hear it for the girls!

That's the reigning sentiment behind Natalie Portman's latest interview. The Oscar winner appears on the cover of Marie Claire U.K.'s September issue, which finds her paying tribute to the next generation of actresses.

As Portman tells it, today's young actresses are blowing their male counterparts out of the water. No offense to Miles Teller, et al.

"Young women like Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart — they're the stars now," she says. "I don't even know who the guys are who are their age."

High praise indeed. That said, Portman insists there's still a double standard for male and female stars.

"There's an outrageous discrepancy between men and women in Hollywood," she tells the magazine. "Titanic is a huge hit and Leonardo DiCaprio immediately goes to $20 million per movie, and Kate Winslet doesn't. But that feels totally like it's changing."

Fingers crossed. Lead the way, Jen and Kristen!

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