Man Tries To Shoot Armadillo, Ends Up Shooting Himself

It's all fun and games until the target fights back. Or, at least defends itself with its built-in armor. A Texas man was hospitalized this week after attempting to shoot an armadillo, only to have the bullet hit him in the head instead. Is anyone else not surprised this was the outcome? Did he not know the armor usually acts as a natural bullet deterrent? According to The Guardian, the man fired three shots just before 3 am on Thursday, and was airlifted to the hospital where his jaw was wired shut after a bullet ricocheted off the (probably pissed) armadillo. It's unknown whether or not the animal survived. Considering he got the last laugh, if he did die, at least it was after exacting sweet, sweet revenge. The craziest part: This isn't the first time someone in the US has tried to fire at an armadillo. In April, a Georgia man shot at an armadillo and the bullet ended up lodged in his mother-in-law's back. (There's got to be a joke in there somewhere). Wildlife management claims shooting is an effective method of disposal, but we say just leave the suckers alone. Sure, they uproot flowers and dig holes, but is a little extra time cleaning up the garden worth possibly getting shot? Nah.

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