Even Muggles Can Enjoy Magical Pics From PotterCon 2015

Remember back when being a Harry Potter fan meant your mom drove you to the bookstore on release night and you wore a silly scarf all night while you read the newest book? The fandom has grown up considerably since then, and now, apparently, it means day drinking. At least for the attendees of this year's PotterCon NYC, held at Brooklyn's Bell House on Saturday.

The event included a trivia contest, tons of merchandise, a live sorting ceremony, and, naturally butter beer. But for those of us not lucky enough to attend, the most important element was the cosplay. While perhaps the stakes weren't as high as they are at, say, Comic-Con, it wasn't just a bunch of kids in round glasses and ties competing in this costume contest. (Though, yes, there were a bunch of kids in round glasses and ties). There were obscure references and minor characters represented. There were punny references and beautifully constructed headpieces.

It was, in short, a great opportunity for nerding out, showing off, and, we strongly suspect, hooking up. Behold some super cute pics the Potterheads shared on Instagram from the event.

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