The 7 Most Heartwarming Moments In Full House History

As the Full House reboot photos and spoilers continue to trickle out, we're feeling on the verge of a serious '90s nostalgia marathon. But which episodes should go at the top of the watch list? No one needs to see that episode where Michelle buys a donkey more than once. And we can all agree to skip that one with Kirk Cameron. So the question is, which core Full House moments should you re-watch to be fully emotionally invested in the adventures of D.J. as a single mom?
The moments that yank at our heart strings seem like the best place to start. Yes, Full House was a technically a sitcom, but the "Aww" track got just as much of a workout as the laugh track. Think about it: When you hear the opening refrain of "Everywhere you look," do you think about the hilarity of that kid getting his head buttered to escape the banister, or the many times that the Tanner girls' three father figures came to their rescue? Prepare for your binge-watch with some themed snacks, scrunchies, and plenty of tissues.

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