Gigi Hadid's Acting Skills Are Tested In V Magazine Film

Photo: Rex USA.
It's fair to say at this point that Cara Delevingne has successfully switched careers from modeling to acting. Is Gigi Hadid the next buzzy model/Taylor Swift friend to take the thespian plunge?

Hadid acts — sort of — in a new short film titled Those Wrecked By Success, which is directed by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine. In the film she plays a version of herself, only this Gigi is already an actress who has won an Oscar over Felicity Jones and Reese Witherspoon.

The film takes place the morning following her big win. Hadid sullenly goes about her solitary morning in her beautiful home. She boils water, gets the milk, and then the newspaper that has been delivered to her doorstep. Hadid may have nearly 5 million followers on Instagram, but, in this reality, she's old school. The newspaper, somewhat hilariously, reads: "Gigi Hadid's powerful portrayal of a Guitar Player in Still Alice has won her the Academy Award for best actress, after missing out on an acting Oscar four times before." Throughout the film, Hadid ignores a ringing phone. It ends after she dives into a pool, and emerges, staring directly at the camera.

The only dialogue is the audio of an acceptance speech, so it's hard to get a good sense of whether Hadid has enough talent to make a career change. She absolutely nails the melancholy, dead-eyed beauty the rest of the film requires.

It's not quite time to call for a Hadid acting career—but they are casting the next John Green adaptation.
Photo: Rex USA.

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