Charging Your Phone Is About To Change Forever

Just one look at the tangle of cables and power strips on our desks will tell you: We live in a rechargeable world. From our phones to our vibrators, everything has a cord all its own, and we have hacked the heck out of our lives trying to accommodate every single one of them. But, Samsung has an ingenious solution to help reduce desk clutter. Samsungs's new monitor features built-in wireless charging. That means that you can sit at your desk, plop your phone down, and it will automatically start charging. There's no wire to plug in —and no wire to forget!— and your in-demand desk space becomes a little less crowded. This is invention we can get behind. The SE370 comes in two sizes (23.6 inches and 27 inches), both at 1080p resolution, and will have an eye-saver mode to diminish the impact of the screen's blue light on users' eyes. Although the display itself can work with Apple and Windows operating systems, its charging capabilities are not yet compatible with Apple devices, unless you purchase a specific (and rather clunky) case. But, owners of Samsung phones like the Galaxy S6, and a host of other non-Apple handsets, can simply place their phone on the charging area of the monitor's base to see their battery life bounce back. A green LED light in the base tells you if it's actively charging. If you pair this monitor at work with Ikea's wireless charging furniture at home, you may never need to plug in your phone ever again. You can check out the video below for all the specs on Samsung's newest monitor.

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