Read These 9 Things, Sound (& Feel) Instantly Smarter

Photo: Jonathan Hordle/Rex/REX USA
" I was informed by the owner that I would be unpaid for two weeks during training, had to purchase my own tool-kit for $50, and was required to commit to five days a week." One woman's tale of working at a nail salon. (AnimalInNewYork)

A Canadian woman went to South Sudan hoping to help its women and girls weather violence. Instead, she experienced sexual violence herself. (Buzzfeed)

"I watched Kids for the first time sitting on the carpeted floor of my nanny's bedroom, alone."(Refinery29)

Last year, a young man walked into the Seattle airport and took the next flight to anywhere — and he hasn't come down since. (Rolling Stone)

Men are a mystery, like who built the pyramids? No one knows. What would happen if you got your man flowers or wrote him a love letter? No one knows. (Medium)

How class, videos, and the goth aesthetic made Artic Monkeys huge (like Miley Cyrus huge) in South America. (Pitchfork)

A Brooklyn law school is promising to refund students tuition (some of it, anyway) if they don't get a job after graduation. Find out why. (Refinery29)

Consider this a swoon warning: See the undying glamour of New York's 1962 TWA Terminal. (Travel & Leisure)

A brief history of that magical time Disneyland had actual live mermaids frolicking at the park. (Huffington Post)


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