Kim Kardashian Just Blew Up On Twitter About Sandra Bland

Warren Diepraam, Assistant District Attorney in Waller County, Texas said Thursday that Sandra Bland's autopsy showed her death was a suicide, The New York Times reports. The 28-year-old woman was found hanging in a Texas jail cell after a traffic stop three days earlier.
The report generated trending topics on Twitter, including #JusticeForSandraBland and #WhatHappenedtoSandraBland. The latter was what Kim Kardashian employed when she tweeted tonight, sharing her outrage and surprise after today’s revelation with the world. She followed her original tweet with a second, calling today’s reports a “massive coverup.”
The New York Times reports that the autopsy showed high levels of marijuana in Bland’s system, although ADA Diepraam was unable to say whether that was ingested before or after she was arrested. The report also revealed there were no injuries consistent with things heard in the arrest video, including Bland’s vocal complaint that the officer had slammed her head into the ground. It further revealed that Bland had what appeared to be wounds on her arms, cuts that Diepraam said were consistent with self-inflicted injuries.
This is likely the “shady” business to which Kardashian refers. Some of her reaction may also be mother-bear instincts coming to life. Her own daughter, North West, is a young girl of color and could grow up to be not that different from Bland, who was in Texas to start a new job at Prairie View A&M University. Kardashian taking the position that the Texas police should “own up to this & tell the truth” puts her firmly in the corner of many others on social media and Bland’s own family, who have rejected the police account of what happened. The police have not handled the public outcry well, including insulting Bland in a press conference, saying "... it was not a model person that was stopped on a traffic stop. I think the public can make its own determinations as to the behaviors that are seen in the video." Kardashian is no stranger to political activism. After visiting Armenia earlier this year, on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide, she called attention to the “forgotten” atrocities. Every year, she marks the anniversary annually on her social media accounts, making public statements, and blogging about it. The responses on Twitter show she has already made an impact:

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