11 Of Pop’s Most Iconic Dancers, Ranked

Sure, Michael Jackson will always be the moon-walking, "Thriller"-starring, best-dancing King of Pop. But we still have plenty of fleet-footed stars making music and shredding the dance floor today. Some of the biggest names in music started off as dancers, after all.
Taylor Swift has some adorable moves — but we wouldn't call her a dancer so much as a goddess among women. Ariana Grande may have the most Mariah-esque voice, but she's not busting out any crazy routines on stage (Mariah hasn't been known to, either, for the record). And yes, Rihanna has an excellent booty shake, but exquisitely timed twerks aren't gonna cut it next to Shakira, the original queen of insane hip-isolation.
So, for your viewing glory, we've ranked the best dancers in pop — and their best music videos. Did we miss one of our personal favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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