The People Of Portland Are Working Hard To Keep The City Weird

Photographed by Stephanie Gonot.
There's a slogan that pops up on signs and bumper stickers around Portland, OR; kind of like an unofficial city motto: Keep Portland Weird. And it looks like the city's residents are taking it to heart. Someone is tying dildos together, like strange, sexy nunchucks, and throwing them over power lines. Though many American cities are used to seeing the occasional pair of Chucks dangling by their laces over power lines, the dildos popping up around Portland by the hundreds seem to be a new phenomena that broke out in late June. For those outside the city who strongly believe in the credo "pics, or it didn't happen," those who encounter the dildo pairs in the wild have been snapping photos and putting them up on Twitter. Who's tossing the twinned sex toys remains a mystery, though Vice reports that a local artist is taking credit (albeit a local artist who's choosing to stay unnamed, since her project may not be strictly legal).

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