20 Historical Heartthrobs Who Are Probably Your Soulmate

Modern-day conveniences like iPhones and Instagram are grand, but sometimes you just need a trip back in time with a hunky hero who sets your heart a-flutter and your bodice a-quiver. Television is currently experiencing a period show renaissance. PBS is midway through airing season 1 of Poldark. Starz has the steamy Scottish Outlander. HBO’s Game of Thrones mixes the Middle Ages with gorgeously produced fantasy. Even Comedy Central has two series showcasing the more humorous elements of yesteryear: Another Period and Drunk History. Meanwhile, the film industry has been hip to period dramas since its inception.
Ant-Man, Mystique, and other caped superheroes just can't hold a candle to these dreamy, historical heartthrobs. You can just imagine any one of these fine folks riding in on a horse and sweeping you off your feet, then taking you in a hayloft in a way that would scandalize the town elders.
Fetch your smelling salts, surrender your virtue, and meet these babes from the past who are probably your soulmates. Apologies in advance if they ruin you for all 21st century suitors.

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