Ryan Reynolds Has A Cute Concern About Baby James

Photo: Matt Baron/BeImages.
We kind of picture Ryan Reynolds being the sort of dad he played in Definitely, Maybe opposite Abigail Breslin. He'll be a charming (but not single) dad with a pre-teen James, who will be inquisitive and witty and sassy. Maybe they'll talk about boys. Maybe he'll tell the story of how he was married once before, and she can guess which Hollywood babe was involved. Maybe he'll lightly gloss over his past sexcapades like it's no big deal, while she drops in the odd bad word. According to dear old Dad, the little girl may already be on track after hanging around his Deadpool set. "She’s going to learn those words eventually anyway,” he told reporters at Comic-Con. “If her first word is fuck, then I’ve done something wrong, but otherwise I think we’re fine. I think we’re OK. The second or third [word], that’s fine. But the first? No. It’s going to have to be mom or dad. I’m rooting for mom.” Oh, stop it. You have no idea what this wholesome husband / dad thing does to us. (E! News)

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