7 Topics We Want Lena Dunham’s Lenny Newsletter To Cover

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Yesterday Lena Dunham announced that she and Girls showrunner Jenni Konner will soon be launching an email newsletter for young women. They've already built a solid editorial team of female writers, and the early word is that Lenny (yes, that's the newsletter's Dunham- and Konner-inspired name) will speak from a feminist standpoint, but won't be too delicate about topics. As Dunham herself noted, articles about affordable tube tops (so Hannah Horvath) will run alongside deeper think pieces. So, yes, we're fairly psyched. Anyone who keeps tabs on Dunham and Konner on social media knows that this mini-squad is passionate about a number of topics, from feminist criticism and contemporary art to fitness, fashion, and food. To contain all of that in a 30-minute episode of a show is next to impossible. So naturally, we're excited for them to have another outlet to express these ideas. Also, who doesn't love a good tube top? There are, of course, certain topics we'd especially like this crew to tackle. Some are serious, some are less so, but each is something that we think Lenny can address thoughtfully and / or in a fun, inspiring way. Just throwing it out there. Caitlyn Jenner. As both a Kim K fan and a friend of Janet Mock, Dunham no doubt has a unique perspective on Jenner's story. What does the introduction of Jenner and Laverne Cox as sex symbols mean for the feminine image? Will Girls address these topics more closely? Having just achieved marriage equality, what are the next fights we should be undertaking, especially as they relate to the rights of the trans community? Squad love. Naturally, we'd love a guest column from pal Taylor Swift, but Dunham's got strong friendships beyond that. Her longtime relationships with Konner, Jemima Kirke, and Audrey Gelman are something we'd love to delve deeper into. Art. Both of Dunham's parents are renowned artists, and she grew up surrounded by creative thinkers. There's a story in there, whether it's a guide to understanding and appreciating art for newbies, or a spotlight on young female artists who are worth watching. Real dating talk. Because we're dying to know what it's like to date a musician on tour. Food tips that Hannah can't mess up. Guys, we see these foodgrams on social media. Hook a girl up with the recipes, please! Pop culture appreciation. What are Dunham's favorite films? What is she reading? What is she listening to? Who do we not know about? Women's rights. Dunham is so vocal about voting, gaining access to birth control, and other important issues that it seems only natural that Lenny will cover these topics. We're ready to get fired up. There's so much more, but we're confident the Lenny team knows what it's doing. We look forward to reading and sharing.

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