Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In August

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Someone tell Beyoncé to ring the alarm. The most exciting time of the month has arrived. Netflix has just bestowed upon us the list of new TV shows and movies that will be available for streaming come August. Did the 'flix disappoint? No, it did not. Here's just a sampling of what you'll find:

The underrated Kristen Wiig flick Welcome to Me arrives on August 6. It's a startling portrayal of mental illness and a not-to-be-missed addition to the Wiig canon. On August 28, Netflix is dropping another original series called Narcos. It bears the tagline, "There's no business like blow business," so that should give you every idea of what it's about.

If it's nostalgia you're after, the first season of Girl Meets World — that Boy Meets World reboot everyone swore they wanted, but no one really watched because it's on the Disney Channel — hits Netflix on August 23. Tune in to see Cory and Topanga as adults raising kids of their own, plus cameos from your favorite Boy Meets World stars.

Keep on perusing for the complete list of titles being added to the Netflix library come August. You're sure to find something to watch.
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Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999)
The Chipmunks get lost inside a theme park called Majestic Movie Studios and wander into Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Classics.
Asylum (2005)
A psychiatrist’s wife (Natasha Richardson) begins an affair with an institutionalized patient (Marton Csokas), who killed his own wife in a violent rage.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Gravity Pictures.
Back in Time / Cong Cong Na Nian (2014)
At a wedding, a man remembers his formative years in Beijing and a lost love from his youth.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Jerusalem U.
Beneath the Helmet (2014)
This documentary follows five 18-year-olds as they’re conscripted into the Israeli army after finishing high school.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of China Lion Film Distribution.
Breakup Buddies / Xin Hau Lu Fang (2014)
A recently jilted singer and his best friend venture out on a road trip through China, to avoid dealing with their emotions.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Miramax Home Entertainment.
Bride & Prejudice (2004)
A Bollywood adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Casting By (2012)
This documentary profiles casting director Marion Dougherty, who worked on films such as Midnight Cowboy and Batman.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of BBC Worldwide.
Dancing on the Edge: Season 1 (2013)
This 1930s-set miniseries is about the all-black jazz group, Louis Lester Band, who face discrimination as they also become beloved by English society.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of PBS.
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Season 2 (2014)
This animated series continues where the much-loved children’s classic Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood left off.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate.
Dear Frankie (2004)
Rather than telling her son (Jack McElhone) the truth about his deadbeat dad, Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) makes up a story about how his father is a seaman on a ship called the MS Accra. It’s worked out fine until the MS Accra is about to dock in their Scottish town.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Bond/360.
Dogs on the Inside (2014)
Prison inmates care for abandoned dogs as part of a rehabilitation program, which lifts the human spirit and saves strays.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Myriad Pictures.
Electric Slide (2014)
This New Wave-style heist flick is based on the real life of “Gentleman Bank Robber” Eddie Dodson.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Paramount.
Enemy at the Gates (2001)
Two Soviet soldiers (Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes) fall in love with the same woman (Rachel Weisz) during the siege of Stalingrad in 1942.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Visit Films.
Flex Is Kings (2013)
This documentary chronicles a style of dance called flexing that emerged from East New York.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Focus Films.
Lost and Love / Shi Gu (2015)
A father whose two-year-old son is abducted spends 15 years trying to find him. Along the way, he meets a young mechanic who was kidnapped as a child and is trying to find his own parents.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Mysteria zvuka Russia.
Masha and the Bear: Season 1 (2015)
This cute animated series follows the precocious Masha and her bear friend, who’s a retired circus performer.

Available August 1
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Photo: Via @lala.
November Rule (2015)
Every November 1, Steve (Mo McRae) invents a lie to break up with his girlfriend of the moment. When he dumps his most recent flame Leah (Tatyana Ali), he realizes that he may have made a terrible mistake.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Fred Rogers Company.
Odd Squad: Season 1 (2014)
Olive and Otto work for the Odd Squad, an agency that uses math to solve various conundrums.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Media Max Productions.
Outcast (2014)
A prince (Bill Su Jiahang) and princess (Liu Yifei) recruit a European crusader (Hayden Christensen) and outlaw (Nicolas Cage) to help protect them when their older brother targets them for assassination.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Marvista Entertainment.
Pants on Fire (2014)
A boy’s lies start to come true, which of course leads to total chaos when he’s telling stories about aliens and an imaginary girlfriend.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of PBS.
Reading Rainbow: Volume 1 (1991)
The beloved children’s program hosted by LeVar Burton instills a love of reading in kids of all ages.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of BBC Three.
Russell Brand: End the Drugs War (2014)
Russell Brand examines how several countries deal with drug abuse and investigates the faulty terminology inherent in the “war on drugs.”

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Matchlight.
Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery (2012)
The comedian speaks honestly about his struggle with addiction and the death of his friend Amy Winehouse.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Milk & Honey Pictures.
Somewhere Only We Know / You Yi Ge Di Fang Zhi You Wo Men Zhi Dao (2015)
After her fiancé dumps her and she loses her grandmother, a heartbroken woman (Likun Wang) travels to Prague to find her grandmother’s lost love.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment.
Sorority Row (2009)
A masked killer begins to terrorize the members of Theta Pi who covered up the accidental death of one of their sisters.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Playmaker Media.
The Code: Season 1 (2014)
This Australian drama series follows two brothers who get involved in a cover-up, that ties together a remote community in the outback and several government officials.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of China Film Group.
The Golden Era/Huang Jin Shi Dai (2014)
This biopic chronicles the life of Chinese author Xiao Hong, who died at the age of 32 in 1942.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment.
The Hurt Locker (2008)
Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning portrayal of an elite bomb disposal team.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Shooting Films.
The Living (2014)
A husband (Fran Kranz) beats his wife (Jocelin Donahue) in an alcohol-induced blackout. When he comes to, he begs for forgiveness. While she decides what to do, her brother (Kenny Wormald) hires a hit man to murder her abusive spouse.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of PBS.
The Mind of a Chef: Season 3 (2014)
Restaurateur David Chang travels the world in search of exotic foods.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Tyler Perry Company.
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns (2008)
A single mother (Angela Bassett) in Chicago finds out that the father she never knew has died, so she travels to Georgia to meet a new side of her family.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Kudos Film and Television.
Utopia: Season 1 (2013)
A mysterious organization — called The Network — targets a group of people who get a hold of a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Greenly Rights.
Vexed: Season 1-2 (2010-2012)
Two mismatched London detectives (Toby Stephens and Miranda Raison) work together to solve crimes.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate.
War (2007)
After an assassin named Rogue (Jet Li) murders his partner (Terry Chen), FBI agent John Crawford (Jason Statham) seeks revenge.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.
Wing Commander (1999)
Remember when Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Matthew Lillard were in a sci-fi movie about an interstellar war in the year 2654? Neither do they.

Available August 1
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Photo: Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.
Chronic-Con, Episode 420: A New Dope (2015)
Comedian Doug Benson gets blazed at Comic-Con with pals including Kevin Smith, Joe Rogan, and Morgan Spurlock.

Available August 3
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Photo: Courtesy of Guerrilla Films.
Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2015)
A mechanic named Barry must venture out during a zombie apocalypse to rescue his sister from an evil doctor.

Available August 4
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Photo: Courtesy of TeamTO.
Yellowbird (2014)
An orphaned bird, who has never left the nest, becomes the leader of a flock migrating to Africa.

Available August 5
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Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia.
Kill Me Three Times (2014)
A professional hit man (Simon Pegg) is embroiled in three neo-noir stories of murder, revenge, and blackmail.

Available August 6
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Photo: Courtesy of MPI Home Video.
My Amityville Horror (2012)
Daniel Lutz opens up about the Amityville haunting that plagued his family in the infamous house on Long Island.

Available August 6
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Photo: Courtesy of IFC Films.
The Look of Love (2013)
A biopic about England's Hugh Hefner, a man named Paul Raymond.

Available August 6
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Photo: Courtesy of Alchemy.
Welcome to Me (2014)
Kristen Wiig stars as Alice Klieg, a woman with borderline personailty disorder who wins the lottery, goes off her medication, and moves into a casino. She also starts a talk show called Welcome to Me.

Available August 6
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Photo: Courtesy of Alazraki Films.
Club de Cuervos: Season 1 (2015)
Two siblings vie for control of a soccer team after their father's death, in Netflix's first Spanish-language original series.

Available August 7
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Photo: Courtesy of HitRecord Films.
HitRECord on TV: Season 1 (2014)
This variety series created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a collaborative effort of the hitRECord online community.

Available August 7
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Photo: Courtesy of The Orchard.
Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story (2015)
Skateboarding legend Chris Cole travels to San Diego, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to provide kids with the opportunities he never had.

Available August 7
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Photo: Courtesy of MGA Entertainment.
Project Mc2 (2015)
Four tween girls moonlight as secret agents. They catch criminals using intelligence and Instagram, naturally.

Available August 7
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Transporter: The Series: Season 2 (2014)
The second season of the TV show based on the movie about Frank Martin (played here by Chris Vance), the man who transports anything anywhere, no questions asked. It's a lot more badass than it sounds.

Available August 7

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Photo: Courtesy of BBC.
Doctor Who: Season 8 (2014)
The Doctor is in again, and he's now regenerated into his twelfth incarnation, played by Peter Capaldi.

Available August 8

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Photo: Courtesy of Varsity Pictures.
Fred: The Movie (2010)
Internet sensation Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) goes on an adventure to find his dream girl.

Available August 11
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Photo: Courtesy of Varsity Pictures.
Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred (2011)
Fred's music teacher disappears, and he thinks that his replacement, Mr. Devlin (Seth Morris), is a vampire.

Available August 11
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Photo: Courtesy of Varsity Pictures.
Fred 3: Camp Fred (2012)
Now over that whole music teacher / vampire debacle, Fred goes to summer camp.

Available August 11
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Photo: Courtesy of Sundance Selects.
Two Days, One Night (2014)
Sandra (Marion Cotillard) has just one weekend to convince her coworkers to give up their bonuses so that she can keep her job.

Available August 11
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Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features.
For a Good Time, Call... (2012)
Uptight Lauren (Lauren Miller) and zany Katie (Ari Graynor) are college frenemies who are forced to cohabitate when things don't work out, career- or relationship-wise, for Lauren. They become friends and business partners when they start a successful phone sex line.

Available August 12
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Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Leap Year (2010)
Anna (Amy Adams) travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend (Adam Scott) on February 29 because of an old custom. On her way there, she meets the perfect sparring partner, Declan (Matthew Goode).

Available August 12
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The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2014)
A group of orphans are evacuated from London to the once-haunted Eel Marsh House during World War II.

Available August 12
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Photo: Everett Collection/REX USA.
Demetri Martin: Live (At The Time) (2015)
Comedian Demitri Martin's latest stand-up special, filmed in Washington, D.C.

Available August 14
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Photo: Courtesy of Dreamworks.
DinoTrux (2015)
"Half dinosaur, half construction truck, full-on fun!" is the pitch for these new characters.

Available August 14
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Photo: Courtesy of Mattel.
Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland: Season 3 (2015)
The offspring of famous fairytale characters have drama of their own at high school.

Available August 14
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Photo: Courtesy of Fortissimo Films.
Ship of Theseus (2012)
A photographer, monk, and stockbroker are the lens through which questions of truth, consequence, identity, and life are explored.

Available August 14
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Photo: Courtesy of Electric City Entertainment.
Alex of Venice (2014)
After her husband (Chris Messina) leaves her, a workaholic attorney (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has to care for her young son and aging father.

Available August 15
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Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features.
Being Flynn (2012)
Writer Nick Flynn (Paul Dano) meets his long-lost alcoholic father (Robert De Niro) while volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Available August 16
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Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features.
Pariah (2011)
Seventeen-year-old Alike (Adepero Oduye) hides her sexuality from her parents (Charles Parnell and Kim Wayans) while embracing her lesbian identity among friends.

Available August 16
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Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features.
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)
It's the last day on Earth (an asteroid is hurtling toward the planet, and all signs point to destruction), and Dodge (Steve Carell) finds himself abandoned by his wife and on a road trip with the impulsive Penny (Keira Knightley).

Available August 16
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Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate.
Lord of War (2005)
A Ukranian immigrant (Nicolas Cage) who's been dealing arms in Queens for 20 years, could help end the Cold War.

Available August 17
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Photo: Courtesy of Arc Entertainment.
The Jerk Theory (2009)
A teenager decides to test the theory that nice guys finish last by becoming a jerk.

Available August 19
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Photo: Courtesy of BET.
Real Husbands of Hollywood: Season 3 (2014)
Kevin Hart's meta reality-show is a spoof of Hollywood culture and celebrities.

Available August 20
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Photo: Courtesy of ESPN Films.
30 for 30: Angry Sky (2015)
Nick Piantanida tries to break the free-fall parachute record during the space race.

Available August 20
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Photo: Courtesy of IFC Films.
As Cool as I Am (2013)
A teenager (Sarah Bolger) whose dad (James Marsden) spends long periods of time in Canada, realizes that her parents' relationship isn't as solid as she once thought.

Available August 20
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Photo: Courtesy of CBC.
Strange Empire: Season 1 (2014)
Three women living on the U.S. / Canadian border in 1869 band together after a string of mysterious murders in their town.

Available August 20
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Photo: Courtesy of Marvista Entertainment.
Grantham & Rose (2014)
Seventeen-year-old Grantham (Jake T. Austin) bonds with an unlikely companion, 81-year-old Rose (Marla Gibbs), on a road trip.

Available August 21
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Photo: Courtesy of Storystream Creative.
Transcend (2014)
Kenyan runner Wesley Korir returns home to help his countrymen after winning multiple marathons in the United States.

Available August 21
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Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel.
Girl Meets World: Season 1 (2014)
Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) Matthews are all grown up with children of their own in this continuation of Boy Meets World.

Available August 23
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Photo: Courtesy of IFC Films.
Byzantium (2012)
A mother (Gemma Arterton) and daughter (Saoirse Ronan) vampire duo pretends to be sisters, while hiding out in a seaside hotel.

Available August 27
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Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.
White God (2014)
A cruel father (Sándor Zsótér) dumps his daughter's (Zsófia Psotta) dog Hagen on the side of the road, leading the dog to start an uprising of strays.

Available August 27
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Photo: Courtesy of DHX Media.
Inspector Gadget: Season 2 (2015)
The detective with all the accoutrements is back to fight the evil Dr. Claw.

Available August 28
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Narcos: Season 1 (2015)
Netflix's new original series is based on the true story of Colombian drug cartels.

Available August 28
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Photo: Courtesy of ABC Studios.
Once Upon a Time: Season 4 (2014)
The continuing adventures of real-life and fairytale characters in Storybrooke, Maine.

Available August 28
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Photo: Courtesy of ABC Studios.
Revenge: Season 4 (2014)
The final season of Revenge comes to Netflix.

Available August 28
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Photo: Courtesy of Sandbar Pictures.
Ride (2015)
After her son (Brenton Thwaites) drops out of college to surf, Jackie (Helen Hunt) moves to California to smooth things over with him.

Available August 29
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Photo: Courtesy of Cameron Productions.
Muffin Top: A Love Story (2014)
A Women's Studies professor (Cathryn Michon) going through IVF treatments, finds out that her husband (Diedrich Bader) has impregnated his coworker (Haylie Duff), and wants a divorce.

Available August 30
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